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Heart of Men

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re standing at a crossroads in your life? That the old no longer works and the new has not yet revealed itself? That you wonder what your role, your talent, your contribution, or mission is in this changing world?

Do you sometimes wonder what it means to be a man, what your identity or task is as a man? How you relate to other men? To your father or your sons? And do you also struggle with your role as a lover, husband, partner, or beloved?

At Heart of Men, you can explore these questions in a safe environment and uncover the underlying patterns. Beyond the doubts and inner wounds, strength, clarity, insight, and love are hidden. It is our experience that engaging in this process with other men can be particularly inspiring, nourishing, and enjoyable. In the differences and similarities, we discover our own way of being a man and our authentic and unique role in the world.

International Men's Gathering in sinai, egypt

Leaders of the Heart

In an area where a deep conflict has been festering for a long time, we come together with men from all corners of the world.


I remember my very first Heart of Men gathering very well. To dare to speak in front of men I don't know at all, in fact, to allow myself to be vulnerable with other men I don't know. To experience in such a group that we all struggle with uncertainty, doubts, judgments, and feeling not good enough. Honoring and seeing each other in our emotions. Without needing to be right or wanting to change anything. Just allowing it to be there. That is brotherhood. That is strength. That is authenticity. That is love.
I have already attended several men's workshops with Heart of Men. Often, I have thought, "I want to leave this place!" Yet, it continually calls upon me as a man to stand up for what is important to me, what is close to my heart, and to bring that into the group. It requires courage and bravery. And then, the little boy inside me often resists, saying, "You're not going to say that, are you?" The sense of connection that develops in just a few days and the brotherhood that forms has brought me so much. Friendships, insights, peace, greater authenticity... being a man among other men in equality."

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