Heart of Men

Four-day workshop in Orval, België

12 - 16 JUN 2024
What is it?

Just Men…a gathering with other men that leads to strength, fun, fraternization and meaning. Featuring Ton van der Kroon (author of The Return of the King) and Jan Roelofs, pioneers and trailblazers of men’s work for over 25 years.

How do we stay centered amidst the sea of chaos and change in the world? Where do we find solid ground within ourselves? How do we deal with the emotional, financial and existential demands of family, relationship, work and society?

In this four-day retreat, we will explore what it means to be a man in times of crisis and change. We will have plenty of time and space to get to know others and ourselves. We will have the opportunity to explore our inner soul, have fun, build a fire, dance or share what is occupying our minds.

The Concept

We will use the concept of Open Space for our meeting in the beautiful center of Bois le Comte. That means: no set progamme, no underlying agenda. Just being together with men and letting what wants to emerge, emerge. In addition, we can enjoy 4 days of live music by Vicky and Sven, delicious vegetarian food and the vast forests of the Ardennes. Are you ready to take a new step? Are you ready to meet the king, lover, warrior or wild man in yourself?

In ancient times, men would gather around the fire to find out what was essential to them. With Heart of Men, we want to restore that tradition. For the eleventh time since 2013: no program, no guidelines or rules, ‘just men’.

A gathering and self-examination that leads to strength, fun, fraternization and meaning. We work from openness and respect for everyone’s authority and individuality. Heart of Men is not a crash course for success or a manual for a new masculinity dogma. It is a search for that which is essential and which touches us deeply. We are good at searching on our own for all the answers to questions we encounter around work, relationships, family and money. But real power only arises when we connect with other men. Asking questions together, and listening to the answers together.

Ton van der Kroon
Coach & Founder
Father, Author of "Terugkeer van de Koning"
Dirk Koops
Father, Coach
Vicky Froyen
Coach, Musician
Musician, Change facilitator, AI specialist
Jan Roelofs
Coach & Founder
Father, Writer, Elder to be
Sven Beyers
Coach, Musician
Father, Sjaman en Captain.

€770 if net income lower than €40,000 per year

€550 if net income lower than €20,000 per year

€990 if company or net income higher than €40,000 per year.

Price based on full board accommodation (100% organic and vegetarian) in quadruple room. Single or double room: + €136. Double room is only possible if you register with 2 people. If you pay a different price than the standard price, please choose the option ‘I’ll pay later’.

Oost-west centrum Orval

Bois-le-comte 1, 6823 Villers-dt-Orval

We always start from Wednesday evening 7:00 pm. On Sunday at 16:00 at the latest we say goodbye to each other. For exact dates see registration.


12 - 16 JUN 2024
18 - 22 JUN 2025

Live muziek als medicijn